Don't break, Don't wait.

Payge. 21. Here is my brain, broadcast by manifestations from the media. It's all relative and chosen because it makes my grey matter work overtime.
My mind is a little dark.

I want to live here.

Anonymous said: 20 Facts about you?

Okay, here goes.

1. I was born on a Sunday, a month early and I was 5lb 13ounces. My mum was on two birth control pills a day when she accidentally got pregnant with me and we joke that I was made for a higher purpose.

2. My middle name is Robyn. My mum calls me her baby bird. Or ribena. My stepdad calls me raggy.

3. I am a jack of all trades but a master of none.

4. When I was little I had a crazy imagination and that coupled with how impressionable I was with films meant I spent alot of time pretending to be stuff haha.

5. I have two older sisters. My middle sister always treated me like I was her baby.

6. My biggest fear is bloodtests. I had a bad experience when I was really young and I can’t get over it. It doesn’t help that my veins collapse. So I end up just freaking out, crying and trying to escape. Full on crazy style.

7. I have dyscalcular.

8. My eyes go more green when I’ve consumed alcohol.

9. The boob gene skipped me but visited every other woman in my family.

10. It still surprises me when people comment positively on my appearance. Simply because I was so used to being an overweight child/teen/young adult. Took alot of getting used to.

11. I’m very inquisitive by nature. I ask alot of questions. I worry that I seem nosey but if something interests me I like to know all I can.

12. I have an astounding memory.

13. I seem really stand offish and I hate it. But I’m just quite shy and pretty awkward. The only time I’m a confidence overlord is when I’m at work because the bar is like my little bubble.

14. I was really blessed in the grandparent department.

15. I’m really messy and I own too many clothes.

16. I have a thing for backs. Which sounds so weird, but I just like backs.

17. My favourite book since I was 14 is Let’s get lost by Sara manning.

18. I’m too polite. But I have a quite a scary temper.

19. There is way more to me than meets the eye. Alot of layers.

20. Sometimes I orgasm in my sleep. I didn’t know if that was normal but apparently it is.. Thank God for Google.

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